Apply for Internship Credit

  • 70-90% of internships turn into full-time employment.
  • Apply classroom and textbook theories to a “real world” setting.
  • Establish networks in the business community.
  • Get a feel for an industry or company before fully committing to that field.
  • You can get credits for your internship!

Once you have acquired an internship, follow this INTERNSHIP HANDBOOK.

International students may be asked to submit additional paperwork in order to receive credit for a paid internship. 

You may check the status of your application at any time within Handshake.

Internship for Credit

Prior to Applying

  • Check with academic advisor on class credit hours
  • Accept an internship
  • You must be pursuing a business major or minor
  • Read and understand the criteria in the Internship Handbook

How to Apply

BUSN 2600 (freshmen and sophomore students)

BUSN 4600 (junior and senior students)

This plan applies to internships in the fall and spring semesters. Summer internships require more hours (See the summer guide)

1 credit hour = 60+ hours worked within a semester

2 credit hours = 120+ hours worked within a semester

3 credit hours = 180+ hours worked within a semester

qr code to submit an experience in handshake

Notify your employer they will receive an email (this is the most important step!)

Check the status of your application. To view the status, log in to Handshake and look under Experiences

For more information, see the Internship Handbook on the COB Career Services website.

Questions or clarifications? Email us: Green Johnson Student Success Center