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Insider Tips for Marketing, Business, Sales, and Advertising Professionals

So you’ve nearly got your degree and you’re ready to make waves in the world of marketing, advertising, business or sales. You’re familiar with concepts like market segmentation and you can break down the pillars of supply chain management and …

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5 Networking Tips for Virtual Events

Professional growth is an ongoing process. It includes not just learning and advancing within your current job but also looking ahead to future opportunities. And now, so many options for development are online, from conferences to networking events.

It may …

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Top 5 Most Effective Ways for Recent Graduates to Fund their Startup Businesses

Approved small business loan application and dollar bills. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

If you are a recent graduate and striving to setup your own startup business, there are a number of ways which can be used to collect money but …

By College Recruiter
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What Are Roles in the Cryptocurrency Industry, and How Can You Land Them?

According to PwC, cryptocurrency is a viable alternative to traditional currencies, with more than 14 billion Bitcoins already in circulation. Investor speculation has driven most of the current market, a reality that will stay the same until “a certain measure …

By Ivy Exec
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How Understanding Blockchain Could Help You Land Your Next Job—Even If You Aren’t A Developer

Behind the words blockchain and cryptocurrency, there exists a growing industry and companies focused on creating the next version of the Internet. As blockchain technology has become more prevalent in the financial and gaming industries, developers and non-developers benefit from …

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