8 Reasons Why Graduate School Is Worth the Effort

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Someone wearing red sneakers heading towards his master's degree

Someone wearing red sneakers heading towards his master’s degree. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Most students cease their college careers after obtaining bachelor’s degrees. However, there is also the possibility of continuing your education into grad school. The rewards can be numerous and long lasting. Below are 8 reasons why you may want to consider acquiring an advanced degree.

1. Certain Professions Require a Graduate Degree

To be considered a professional in certain industries, a graduate degree is required. This includes healthcare, social work, the law and education. Is it possible to land a high paying job in the professional world? Sure, but the deck is stacked against you, and without one, you may be stuck in an entry level position.

2. It Can Advance Your Career

Grad school can advance your current career. A graduate degree like a master’s degree gives a person a certain level of credibility with employers. It signifies that a person has skills and knowledge not available to those with only bachelor’s degrees. This could mean traveling up the corporate ladder faster. It also shows management that you possess the dedication and work ethic to tackle any job no matter the position.

3. It Can Increase Your Earning Potential

On average, individuals that have graduate’s degrees have higher salaries than people who only have bachelor’s degrees. According to the US census, this difference may be as high as $13,000 a year. While there is inevitably more work and effort required when pursuing a Master’s degree, the dividends are huge.

4. It Can Increase Your Status

Individuals with advanced degrees have a level of status in society that extends beyond their career fields. Doctors, for example, are some of the most respected members of society. People with advanced degrees, such as lawyers and doctors, are often elected to public office.

5. It Can Feed Your Intellectual Curiosity

Many people go to school for reasons beyond money and employment. If you have a strong thirst for knowledge, grad school is a great to continue your learning. You will learn advanced knowledge and skills you were not exposed to as an undergrad. If the subject is one of your passions, this can be a very rewarding experience. Many mothers and fathers choose to pursue an advanced degree after raising their children.

6. Employees with Graduate Degrees Are Highly Sought After

Having a graduate degree can also make it easier to find work if you do need to leave your current employer someday. Competition in the job market can be fierce. Simply listing a more advanced degree on your resume can give you a significant advantage over your competition.

7. It Increases Your Critical Thinking Skills

Students in grad school also learn in a way that is vastly different from undergrads. For one, grad school classes focus on honing critical thinking skills. There isn’t as much of a focus on memorization of facts. Critical thinking skills can be applied to nearly any subject or situation. They are extremely valuable when it comes to solving problems in the workplace.

8. Personal Growth

Lastly, some people go back to school after a long while for personal growth. If a person has retired, for example, going back to school to pursue a new degree can be very rewarding in terms of learning new things, meeting new people and achieving new goals. In fact, many grad students are older. Master degree in aging students sometimes outnumber younger students in certain classes.

Overall, there are many reasons to attend grad school. It can increase your career prospects, earning potential and sense of accomplishment. Consider it if you have achieved a bachelor’s degree.

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