5 Ways to Ease the Transition from Community College to University

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In recent years, students and parents have increasingly found the lower tuition costs associated with community colleges to be a big draw. For many families, the cost of a four-year university simply isn’t feasible and many students are not willing or able to borrow the student loans needed to cover the costs. With that being said, eventually students do have to make the transition from community college to a university, should they decide to continue pursuing a bachelor’s degree.

Confirm that you are taking the right courses from the very beginning

No student wants to end up wasting time and money by taking courses they don’t actually need. For example, someone hoping to earn a bachelor’s in sonography probably does not need to be taking advanced business and accounting classes. Find out exactly what courses you need to be taking for your chosen major.

Plan ahead and set yourself up for success

From day one at community college, students should be planning ahead in anticipation of transferring later on. Find out the average requirements for admission to your desired universities and keep this in mind as you work through community college. Your grades do matter!

Take into account all aspects of each potential university

Evaluate both public and private universities. Consider things like school size, class sizes, tuition costs, and available programs. Don’t write off any particular college simply based on high tuition, as many offer substantial financial aid packages to offset those costs.

Spend some time at each university’s campus to get a feel for what the atmosphere is like

Perhaps you’re a people person and would prefer being at a large university, or perhaps you’re not such a people person and prefer peace and quiet. Be honest with yourself and fully assess whether a particular college is the right fit or not.

Attend orientation

After being admitted and selecting a university, be sure to attend orientation! During this time you will have the opportunity to learn the layout of the campus, while also getting a chance to meet other new students like yourself, who are eager to make new friends.

The transition from community college to a university can be both exciting and challenging, but there are many steps students can take to help ease the transition. Remember to stay focused, plan ahead, and embrace the new experience!

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